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Tangents Magazine

Volume 1, Number 2


Don Slater

Associate Editors

Robert Gregory
Joseph Hansen
Marcel Martin

Staff Artists

Rolf Berlinsen
Tony Reyes

Business Manager

Wm. Edward Glover


by Joseph Hansen

Editorial: Police Malpractice

Nonconformism in La Belle Epoque Part 5: Art and Life

by Mark Daniel
translated from Arcadie
by Marcel Martin (History)

East Coast Homophile Organizations Discuss the Great Society

by Jody Shotwell (Essay)

Highlights from ECHO Conference Speakers

by l. MacA

Cap and Bells (Poem)

by Joseph Hansen as James Colton

Black Beauty (fiction)

by Leo MacAlbert



Reviewed by Marcel Martin

Reader at Large

by Gene Damon

Night in Eight Lines

by Craig Amoss


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