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Encounter with ONE Institute (1995 – ongoing)

(Excerpted) Minutes of HIC’s Business Meeting, Jan. 24,1995

Dale Jennings’ Jan. 30, 1995 report to HIC regarding his meeting with ONE Institute Director John O’Brien

Excerpted minutes of ONE Institute’s Board Meeting, March 5, 1997 in which ONE votes “to receive with gratitude the Homosexual Information Center books, periodicals and miscellaneous collections which will be incorporated into the general collection of ONE Institute.”

John O’Brien’s April 2, 1997 Letter to Billy Glover

John O’Brien’s April 3, 1997 Executive Director’s Report to ONE Institute

“H.I.C. Collection Joins ONE at USC,” ONE•IGLA Bulletin article by John O’Brien, 1997

Jan. 18, 2001: ONE Institute & Archives board meeting where ONE Secretary Jim Morrow sought and was given approval to sell duplicate books and retain 40% of the profits.

HIC’s Proposed Agreement with CSUN first discussed in the fall of 2001

ONE Institute & Archives’ Motion to Censure Jim Schneider, Nov. 8, 2001

ONE Institute’s Letter of Intention to Seize HIC’s Collection, dated Dec. 15, 2001

Jim Schneider’s Memo to the Directors of HIC upon his learning that ONE Institute had laid claim to HIC’s materials

Dec. 24, 2001: HIC moves its collection from the facility of ONE Institute and Archives. ONE’s secretary Jim Morrow attempts to have Jim Schneider and C. Todd White arrested by reporting a “burglary in progress.”

ONE Institute’s May 31, 2002 Claim of Ownership of HIC’s archives and materials

Billy Glover’s Aug. 2002 Response upon reading John O’Brien’s April 3, 1997 Report to ONE Institute (above)

HIC’s First Response to ONE Institute’s claim of ownership of HIC’s archives and materials, dated July 26, 2002

Allen M. Katz reply to HIC’s response to his claim, dated August 12, 2002

HIC’s Second Response to ONE Institute’s claim of ownership of HIC’s archives and materials, dated June 23, 2003