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Kenneth Marlowe

From outer dust jacket, Mr. Madam: Confessions of a Male Madam

Kenneth Marlowe was an active homosexual, a female impersonator, a male whore in an all female cathouse, and the "madam" of a homosexual whorehouse that "serviced" an exclusive Hollywood clientele.

He was kept in bondage by the Mafia and escaped. He was drafted into the army, then raped by fourteen men. He was a mark for every form of sexual atrocity, the lumberjack's darling, the sailor's pet, and "B-Girl" who could be had, the object of sordid curiosity for tourists who could later shock the folks back home by saying, "I danced with a man in woman's clothing!" This was Kenneth Marlowe as he was.

Today Kenneth Marlowe is older, more mature, and can look back upon his life with remarkable objectivity. He can look back upon a bizarre world of love-hungry homosexuals, whores, pimps, queers, sexual degenerates, libertines, orgies -- and he can write about it with shocking candor.

Although Mr. Marlowe is no novice at writing, it took him many years before it took him to complete this book [Mr. Madam]. It took him three years to complete. The story had to be told as it never had been told before -- completely, honestly, without false moralizing, without seething hostility. Mr. Madame is the unvarnished truth about his life and the way he lived it! It is unquestionably the most important, most startlingly candid homosexual autobiography ever written -- a significant contribution to sexological literature.

Inside just jacket of same volume:

Kenneth Marlowe now lives in a country home nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains in California. His writing has appeared in Nugget, Adam, and Sexology. His Mr. Madam is currently being prepared for a musical comedy adaptation on Broadway. Still actively touring on the night club circuit, Mr. Marlowe is writing a second book, Speaking of Sex.

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